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Welcome to the Wiltshire Buildings Record.  As buildings archaeologists, researchers and building historians we specialise in investigating the history of built heritage. We provide services to professionals and private home-owners which include dating a property, defining structural evolution, assessing the significance of architectural features and explaining the history of your building.  

Our 17,000 records of individual buildings across the region, collected over 35 years, give us an unrivalled understanding of the built environment in Wiltshire and surrounding areas.  

We are house detectives, revealing your home’s hidden secrets.  Discovering its history can be rewarding and fascinating.  You could find out about the construction of your house and when and where it was altered.  It can also provide a glimpse of the lives of the people who lived there, what they did and the way they related to the surrounding landscape.  

A historic buildings report may help when thinking about making changes to your property, and, in certain circumstances, in connection with a planning application.  

We are actively involved in research into Wiltshire’s built heritage, working in conjunction with Historic England (English Heritage), the Victoria County History and our own members.  Three major recording projects are underway:  Farmstead, Dendrochronology and Dated Features.  

We have been recording since 1979.  Our records can be accessed at the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre, where we are based.  We also have a number of publications packed with useful information about historic buildings.

We are privileged to be custodians of the Wiltshire Gardens Trust records, available to view with the rest of our archive. These records contain details of historic garden schemes and plantings at some of the larger Wiltshire houses, as well as additional notes on building history.

Our aim is to inspire interest from the wider community and share our knowledge.  Membership of the Wiltshire Buildings Record is open to anyone interested in Wiltshire’s built heritage, non-experts and experts alike.  Help us to continue this valuable work.  

Wiltshire Buildings Record is a non-profit organisation (charity no 280382) partly funded by Wiltshire Council.